Black Sabbath Are Back

On Saturday night ,August 10th 2013 aging but still devilish heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath descended upon (or, perhaps more accurately, ascended to) Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center with their particular brand of evil sounds. Lead singer Ozzy Osbourne was joined by his co-founding band mates Tony Iommi (guitar) and Geezer Butler (bass), as well as thousands of their fans, young and old Once I managed to sit through the abominable opener, Andrew W.K., Black Sabbath Was Worth The Wait. The band came on at 8:30 The house lights went down  and The air raid sirens want off .The crowd went nuts Then you hear Ozzy's evil laugh just before the curtain opens .They started the show with War Pigs and it was like having a trucked dropped on your head.  The ground shook with the very first notes .They played a sixteen song set with the usual songs like N.I.B and Snowblind. But they brought out songs the have not done in years like Under the sun and Behind the walls of sleep. They Were Promoting There New Album 13 The First With Ozzy Osbourne Since 1978's Never Say Die So They Also Did  new songs as well Like God Is Dead End Of The Beginning And Age Of Reason . Which All Have Classic Sabbath Tones They surprised everyone by doing The instrumental Rat Salad Along with a drum solo by Tommy Clufetos Of Rob Zombie Fame. Who Is Filling In For Original Drummer Bill Ward. This Man can really beat the skins He looked like an octopus playing the Drums .He has a monster of a  sound that made the band sound even better then before And I Think They Should Have Used Him On The Album. The Stage Setting had Big high definition Screens To make the band larger then life for the fans that were only close enough to see the band from a far. They were incredable sounding They were a lot happier band and getting along better then ever Ozzy Was his usual self and being the Ozzy we all love .I Had a seat on the floor and could see the band up close Ozzy's voice was off a little bit but it did not matter Ozzy always puts on a great show And to hear The master Iommi Play His Guitar solo's Was like nothing I ever witnessed. Black Sabbath wrote some of the best heavy metal songs ever. And seeing them performed live by the men who conceived them, is something that shouldn’t be missed by any true metal fan .

Review By Jonathan Callaway


 Hall And Oats

Last Call at The Spectrum

It Was The Last Call At The Philadelphia Spectrum With Three Acts To Close The Arena. This concert was billed as a trio of Philly bands paying tribute to the Spectrum The Hooters hit the stage around 8:10 with our National Anthem and gave us a great 50 minute sampling of their catalog about 2/3 full Spectrum crowd roared for the  Hooters, who played an hour-long set of hits such as “And We Danced” and “Satellite,” and “25 Hours a Day” Pity there wasn't more time for them to play as After an intermission, Todd Rundgren, was on at 9:18 for his turn. Todd Preformed  his 1972 hit I Saw the Light. Much of Rundgren's set was from his most recent album, Arena screaming, rocking, guitar-god Rundgren, rousing the  audience with a fist-pumping Strike and earning some kudos with the more melodic “Afraid Middle act Rundgren dug deep to resurrect solo pop hit “I Saw the Light,” but didn’t go anywhere near oldies like “Hello It’s Me,” (with Nazz) or “We Gotta Get You a Woman”After Another Short Break Came Hall And Oats Who Brought The Crowd To It'd Feet, Where It Stayed The rest Of The Show It Was Vintage All The Way Man Eater Your Out Of Control, She's Gone, Sara Smile, Rich Gil, Etc....There Wasn't Much Chit Chat Just A soulful, Powerful Fun Show. Complete With Glow In the Dark Tamberines  back for lots of extended solo time by bassist Tom Wolk and colorful saxophonist Charles DeChant To End The Show Daryl Hall, John Oates and their band, Eric Bazilion and Rob Hyman of the Hooters, Todd Rundgren and Charlie and Richard Ingui of ’60s group Soul Survivors All Joined Each Other On Stage To Sing Expressway To Your Heart, And Ended The  Night With Disco Inferno Which Is Odd It Being The Final Show Of The Spectrum Before it's Closed For Good 

Review By Jonathan Callaway



KISS Get Revenge On Philadelphia in 1993

This was the first  time I saw Kiss in concert Gene Simmons swallowed fire, Paul Stanley posed, and screamed and Kiss mounted a ballistic attack on both the eyes and ears of nearly 60,000 fans at The Spectrum  Arena In  Philadelphia .Joining Them On This tour is New member Eric Singer Who Has just joined the guys After there long time Drummer Eric Carr Who Died Back in November of 1991 Kiss mixed classics such as ``Hotter Than Hell, '' ``Strutter, '' ``Detroit Rock City'' and ``Rock and Roll All Nite'' with a hefty dose of the new, playing several selections from their latest release, ``Revenge.''

It was a solid two hours of fist-pumping, foot-stomping anthem rock, loud enough to make Spinal Tap sound like wimps. And there was the stage show. Fireworks, bombs, smoke,  strippers and the Statue of Liberty. Actually it was a stage-to-ceiling bust of Miss Liberty and her torch, which was blown away about midway through the show to reveal a skeletal arm with a clenched fist where the torch used to be and a face resembling HBO's ``Crypt keeper'' under the liberty crown. Kiss played a half-hour encore that included a moving version of ``God Gave Rock and Roll to You II, '' a tribute to  Eric Carr They finished with a fireworks-laden ``Star Spangled Banner'' with enough bombs, sparks and smoke to rival a Fourth of July celebration. Opening the show were Trixter and Faster Pussy Cat. Each Of these bands  played an energetic half-hour set of songs But That was  nothing compared to the kiss show Trixter And Faster Pussycat could not hold a candle to the big boys of rock But they were still interesting to listen to. The only regret I have About This show was the fact that I never Seen them live with  Eric Carr on the drums Which would have be awesome . But Eric Singer is a great Replacement For One of the most popular Members of the band This Incarnation Of The Band Is going To make great Music Together And Continue To Bring Us A Great Rock Show For Years To Come.

Review by Jonathan Callaway




Paul Rodgers Are  the Champions  Brian May and Roger Taylor were definitely in good company with Queen's new front man Paul Rodgers former lead singer of the classic rock group Free and Bad Company. It was an amazing show with such Rock n' Roll veterans. The merge of rock giant Paul Rodgers and legendary rock group Queen was some kinda magic. They were indeed the champions of the stage and did they rock us! Freddie Mercury would have been proud! Thanks to Paul the show did go on. Paul took the reigns as the new king of Queen. They did all Queens Rock n' Roll anthems" We are the champions", We will rock you",Another one bites the dust", Crazy little thing called love" It was a packed house At the Wachovia Spectrum Over 65,000 fans were in Rock n Roll heaven. Paul Rodgers Looked fit and trim and took command. He also did his classic songs from Bad Company and Free Which was an added bonus to all of our ears. songs "like Alright now"," Feel like makin love"," Bad Company" and Introduced a new track called "Take love" They had a tribute to Freddie during "Bohemian Rhapsody". Where footage of the rocker was on the big screen. Paul and Freddie sang together on lead vocals. It was a chilling performance. Brian ,Paul, and Rodger are no youngsters these guys are pushing 60 years old. They sounded Great and looked well, They rocked the crowd with there amazing talents. They are Rock and roll royalty. Queen with Paul Rodgers is on a 24 city tour this spring, It was without a doubt the best concert I have been to in my life. Thank you Paul Rodgers for keeping the legacy of Queens music alive,   THE SHOW MUST GO ON!    

 REVIEW By Debra Callaway



KISS Return To Philadelphia 1996

It was a fantastic night at the Corestate Center in Philadelphia .That is where Kiss reunited for one of many concerts on a world tour. It was great to see the Guys on the same stage with each other again after 18 years. They did a show consisting of all the classics from 1974 to 1977 in full Makeup and custom starting right where they left off .They played for two hours.I had A seat in front of the stage on the first level and could see everything going on. The lights went up as the announcer Says you wanted the best you got the best the hottest band in the world KISS and Smoke filled the stage as they start off the night with Deuce they looked great. There were even a few surprises when they did New York groove from Ace's solo record he changed the lyrics to back in the philly groove Making the crowd go crazy. In back of the drums was a giant screen which showed the band up close .Gene was raised up and above the stage Almost touching the roof of the center For God of Thunder singing the song and playing his bass with blood on his mouth that he had just spit in his demon rage Just before he began the song. Peter then breaks in to his solo jamming for ten minutes and as they kick back into the song Gene is now back on the stage to finish the end At one point when Ace did; Shock Me during his solo he had fireworks shoot out of the neck of his guitar and knock down a light hanging above his head on stage. while preforming Black Diamond Ace and Paul where on a lift that raised above the crowd as Peters drums raise to the Roof of the Center then we hear Good night Philly we love you and the house  lights go down. After a short break The lights go back up and the crowd goes wild when they burst into Detroit Rock City the stage fills with smoke once again. The place goes black for Peter to sing Beth the noise of the crowd was deafining as The First Notes Of The Song Begin . The Band ends the night With want eles Rock N' Roll all night.So All in All it was Classic Kiss show and it was my second time seeing the band but the first experience seeing them in makeup. The reunion tour is a success and they proved they can still throw a Rock N' Roll party.

Review By Jonathan Callaway



Pink  Floyd Philly 94

The scene around and inside Vet Stadium revealed Floyd fans of every shape and style. It Was the most incredible nights of my life! The light show was amazing and Along With The  videos they played where I Could Not Take My Eyes Of The Stage Pink Floyd add a rainbow of colours to their video package, with a light show that might be the best ever created for a rock tour. The arched stage was lit up like the mother ship from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", while emerald and gold lasers criss-crossed through the chilly night air, making the stadium seem like a giant light-saber battle scene from "Star Wars".

Gilmour and company are still capable of cooking up that Pink Floyd groove in concert,Gilmour played particularly well And Just Listening To The Intro To Shine On You Crazy Diamond Was Orgasmic Mason's drumming was as precise and rhythmically infectious as ever. The sound may have been the true star of the show, however. No rock band can match Pink Floyd when it comes to making a stadium show come off sounding like its being held in your living room.This was my very first Pink Floyd concert and anticipation was high.Gilmour's solo during Comfortably Numb was The High Light Of Th Night.Even before the show began it had a very special feel to it I knew I Was In For A Treat. I Wanted The Night To Last Forever It Reminded Me Why I Love This Band 



LECOMPT Man On The Silver Mountain Of His Career

It was a Magical night at the Ashton pub At 9041-Ashton Road. On Saturday January 14th.The weather might have been cold and stormy outside. But inside Those walls was pure sunshine With rainbows all around! Over 200 plus people loyal and dedicated fans came out in full force to pay tribute to local Rock icon Michael Lecompt. It was The Musician's 25th anniversary in the local Rock N Roll Business. It is Easy to see how he achieved such great success and longevity in the local music industry For many years. I can attest To That I have been a die hard fan of his for 20 years! It seems Mike has always had a winning Combination of the four D's desire ,drive, determination, not to mention his raw and extreme talent, to rock you like a hurricane. It was indeed a very special night for  Lecompt. His family and friends and many of his dedicated fans came out on this wintery  night, to pay homage to this excellent singer/songwriter. Mike sang his heart and soul out as always. He sang it all from Aerosmith-to Elvis and everything in between. Lecompt is an Incredible Prolific Performer. With such .Charisma Mike has such Supreme,   staying power at his craft. The great performer is Holmesburge born and bred. Back in September1987,The band Lecompt was born. Lecompt Played Local Taverns Like Gilhooley's, and the Velvet Lounge. The Opportunity of a life time was about to happen. Mike got the gig to be the front man of the 90's band Tangier. They were touring nationally. Mike Did That for awhile. Then in the 90's Lecompt had various changes in the line up of the band. The revamped Version of the lecompt line up consists Of Michael Lecompt- Lead Vocal and Guitar  Key Board sand Harmonica, Second to none Bassist Buddy Cash, Who in turn added new life and new direction to the band. As well as Jimmy Marchiano on lead Guitar and new comer Wyane Sigmund on drums. Mike has been blessed with steady gigs for years.Northeast Philly's Native son rocks to live and lives to rock. Lecompt is Definitely a crowd Pleaser. Mike Is without a Doubt on of the nicest guy you ever wanted to meet. He is very charming, Sincere and compassionate just to name a few of his wonderful traits.   Review By Debra Callaway