Elvis Lives

The king will always live on in our hearts. He rocked our world and shook up our souls His music will never get old.From hound dog to suspicious minds Elvis is always helping us to survive With all the music he left behind. Elvis did everything before anyone! did anything! Elvis did it all from blues to rock to country to gospel There will never be another as great as he! Elvis lives on forever, he will always be the king of rock and roll to others and me. His legacy will reign for eternity His music can set us free! In the worlds of Elvis Aaron Presley "Somebody to love ! Something to do! Something to look forward to!"

 Broken Dreams

Broken dreams are the same as a broken heart. Time helps you to Try again with a fresh new start Dreams that were left on hold Too long never seem old They Will Always Be Alive In Your Heart And always remain bold Second chances are always the best In life they will make things right no matter How bleak life may seem You Have To Follow You Heart and fulfill your soul and finally live your broken dreams!!! Debra Callaway


Old skiers never die ,they just go downhill

Old clerks never die they just become defiled.

Old mailman never die , they just lose their zip.

Old janitors never die, they just kick the bucket.

Old golfers never die, they lose their drive....

Old mountain climbers never die they just peak out.

Old bankers never  die , they just lose their balance.
Old photographers never  die, they just stop 

Old musicians never die, they just become disconcerted.

Old chiropractors never die they just become unnerved.

Old garbage collectors never die, they just fail to pickup.

Old school principals never die, they just lose their faculties


One Night With Jim Barone

It was the third annual Elvis Candle light vigil on Sat 8-8-09 Jim Barone is his name. The best Elvis Tribute artist by far. Jim had the Kings moves and voice mastered. He had charm and charisma too. Not to mention good looks like Elvis Has. His sets were in order of the kings reign .The first set was all of Elvis' hits in the 50's and 60's Jim was casually dressed in a white pants and blue blazer. After the first set we had a candlelight with our beautiful candle that were givin to us before the show. He did three amazing gospel tunes for the vigil (I believe) (peace in the valley)(how great thow art) That was sublime. After a short break Jim was Adorned in a true sparkling Elvis jump Jim sang his heart out .I loved the whole Vegas deal. My birthday was august 9 so john my husband let him know so as a wonderful surprise Jim wished me a happy b-day, then sang I can't stop lovin you. The most special parts was he came over a gave me a scarf and let me kiss him on the cheek hubba hubba. It was the best time ever. We were in Elvis heaven Jim Barone is the best Elvis tribute artist by far He stands alone He won the 2009 ultimate Elvis contest in Atlantic city The spot light shined on a legend and his music as never before

Reviewed By Debra Callaway


Her Music MAN


She loves his music because he puts rock and roll in her soul  You never too old to rock cause That's were all the pretty girls flock. Time for her to unwind. She always Knows What she'll find. his music intoxicates her like a drug. He's her music man,Her music man in her favorite rock band. he's the one thing she needs to stay at the right speed. life for her is easier when she gets what she needs. He's got a way about him All his songs she loves to play on the juke box everyday. Her dreams comes true when she hears him play guitar She follow him till the day she dies. He is the only rock n roll star in her eyes and she dances through his eyes every time he sings. He fills her world with passion and desire. Only he can ignite her fire. She wants to escape to a place unknown. Her imagination runs wild every time he sings. It makes her feel young and new.In his eyes lies the fountain of youth. He's fresh in her mind since the time she saw his first gig. Always knowing in her heart that he would make it big


As I sit here by the water looking out to sea feeling deep inside me bubbles beyond beauty. I hear the rippling waves dancing to the tides if you could only feel the love I harbor deep inside I see the clear blue water at a distant glance it gives me a splurge of excitement that is unable to be enhanced I smell the salty air drift upon my nose. If only I could be out there blooming like a rose I think of being out there roaming wild and free I wish that someday my wish would be granted to me I feel a tidal wave of passion in my heart on this very day I wonder where to start as I sit here by the water a thought comes to mind think of all life's treasures I have yet to find? Written by Debra Callaway

 Falling In Love

Falling in love is like a dew morning unexpected it comes without warning. it is beautiful and free like a butter fly that soars through the sky with such a peaceful ease it makes you feel complete brand new inside from your head to your feet new found love is so fragile and sweet like a newborn baby with its tiny little feet it needs constant love and care to make it grow strong and last a life time long love makes you feel so happy and able to thrive keep it in your heart and soul it always makes you feel alive for this you will agree is the truth for love is indeed the secret of the fountain of youth.Debra Callaway

 The Day Is Still Young

The day is young when the sky is blue and the morning glorys are kissed with dew. The day is young when your heart is true filled with joy so happy and new. The day is young when your soul is free from all the troubles that burden thee. The day is young when your mind is clear knowing deep down inside you can conquer all your fears. The day is young when dreams can soar making the most of all the wonderful things you have to live for

 To Gina From Tommy

You were born to be my baby and I was mad to be your man! We are always in and out of love all the time. You know I'll be there for you always. You have to keep the faith Your love to me is like a blaze of glory It is wild in the wind. Stop being a little runaway I would never lay a hand on you. You know that! I would die for you Gina! You give love a bad name! I have been shot through the heart one to many times. Your love is like bad medicine. I need something for the pain. Gina, Please one more wild night! I will lay you down on a bed of roses We maybe just older. it's my life Our love is still like an open highway Like Frankie said "I did it my way" you and me were invincible. We are still young guns I will be going on the home bound train Gina, It always feels like home with you. We are not living in sin anymore Like when you worked at the dinner And I worked on the docks years ago. Lets let it rock like we used to Remember when you used to say ride cowboy ride! You were slippery when wet. We will ride that mystery train of love again, in a two story town We are meant to be together Dead or alive! Someday I'll be Saturday night again My love is for sale. When I am with you it feels like 99 in the shade. Don't make me feel like a social disease I can save the world when I'm with you Gina. I will never say goodbye I want you for the next 100 years. I always was living n a prayer That you would come back to me. Please don't crush my heart anymore! Thanks you for loving me We should have stuck to our guns. And stayed together all these years! !Have a nice day TOMMY